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Jessica Hagerty, President and Operations Director
In an era of instant gratification, marketing excellence is contingent on the timely deliverance of compelling messages. Considering how users move fluidly between devices and platforms, it is up to marketers to provide an engaging experience by promoting appealing content at the most opportune moment. However, with the growing complexity of digital marketing platforms, isolating and influencing the decisive moments of truth is not an easy task. Big or small, B2B or B2C, there are certain obstacles—from production to distribution—that all marketers must overcome.

Moreover, the intricacy of these challenges varies from brand to brand and industry to industry, perplexing agencies everywhere. The Evoke Group tackles these challenges by managing each step of the digital marketing process, albeit with a human touch. Evoke helps its clients identify customer needs and convert potential targets using effective digital marketing methodologies. "Evoke truly understands the value of leveraging digital advertising to engage, inform, and convert a specific audience," says Jessica Hagerty, President and Operations Director of the Evoke Group.

Elevating Brand Authority

Evoke develops digital advertising strategies after gaining a solid understanding of its client's business. The company's advertising services make it easy to plan, launch, and optimize digital campaigns across all major platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Evoke is adept at optimizing Google ad campaigns to make the most of a client's monthly budget and maximize return on investment. Additionally, Evoke offers SEO services that organically improve a client's visibility on search engines and overall digital presence. They make it easy to analyze performance data such as click through rate, keyword rankings, and domain authority. The company even provides access to an online reporting dashboard, enabling clients to track results in real-time.

Blending Creativity with Technology

The Evoke Group empowers businesses with expert marketing services, including web development, video production, and digital advertising.

Using effective digital marketing strategies, we help our clients envision the ideal operating capacity of their business, and then do everything in our power to help them reach that state

The company's production teams create purpose-driven media assets that positively represent the client's brand, while the distribution team utilizes digital platforms to maximize the value of those assets. Collaboration between the production and distribution teams enables the creation of digital marketing solutions suited to a client's business objectives and goals. "Using effective digital marketing strategies, we help our clients envision the ideal operating capacity of their business, then do everything in our power to help them reach that state," concludes Jessica.

Springtime in Giving Gardens

Evoke's altruistic yet skillful approach is evident in its work with its clients. CMSE—a non-profit organization providing training and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities in central Missouri—approached The Evoke Group in need of support in driving customers to their retail greenhouse, Giving Gardens. After reviewing their past marketing efforts, Evoke implemented a strategy to bring new life to Giving Gardens. Using brand awareness and store-visit ad campaigns in tandem, The Evoke Group was able to drive new customers to the greenhouse and increase overall sales by over 20 percent.

In the foreseeable future, Evoke plans to expand its venture to new markets while maintaining its coveted company culture. Market expansion will enable this creative agency to continue connecting communities, empowering brands, and using passion and expertise to fan the creative spark.

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Jessica Hagerty, President and Operations Director

The Evoke Group is a team of creative marketers with innate critical-thinking skills and a deep understanding of the modern advertising landscape

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