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Brad Nietfeldt, President & CEO
Traditionally, most C-level executives and other decision-makers in the organizations have lacked the right information and skills in digital marketing. Omaha Media Group (OMG) is a company that has emerged as the best digital marketing guide for today’s business leaders. The company helps clients understand the nuances of digital marketing, build efficient strategies, and execute them to perfection. Unlike other marketing agencies that typically sign off once a project is completed at the client site, OMG is a creative management firm dedicated to becoming an extension of the clients’ team on a long-term basis. “OMG is a one-stop-shop for a firm’s real-world and digital creative needs, from design to web application development to hosting through comprehensive digital marketing services,” says Brad Nietfeldt, President and CEO of the company.

During client engagement, OMG maps out their ‘wants’ from ‘needs’ and designs a roadmap that fits their budget. Team OMG does an extensive market and competitive research to understand the current trends in the domain where the client operates. Subsequently, it develops campaign strategies based on the key performance indicators that are crucial to the client. Post execution, OMG conducts client re-education every month. Re-education aids in analyzing the campaign performance against the KPIs and other factors. This approach has helped OMG achieve a 90 percent client retention rate.

As a national leader in digital marketing consulting services, OMG uses its in-house platform, Monstrous.Digital, to develop marketing strategies for its clients. The platform also plays a significant role in monitoring all the activities related to clients’ brands. Additionally, the intuitive web, mobile, and SEO-friendly applications offered by the platform allow clients to take advantage of social and business collaborations, cloud computing, mobile apps, and other next-generation tools.

Interestingly, the unique platform offers AI-based chatbots to help clients respond to the queries of their customers immediately. The chatbots leverage voice search and speech recognition technology to interpret voice queries by users. Visually impaired users can also easily navigate and use the web applications using screen readers like VoiceOver or Jaws.

OMG is a one-stop-shop for a firm’s real-world and digital creative needs, from design to web application development to hosting through comprehensive digital marketing services

Another aspect of OMG’s offering is its focus on clients’ organic search growth. Team OMG looks for keyword opportunities so that clients can be at the top of search results. Besides, OMG’s platform also comprises a built-in website development feature that is readily calibrated to Google standards. In simpler words, all mobile marketing apps developed by OMG are built using Google standards for basic SEO operations. “It saves a tremendous amount of time as Google automatically makes the changes on the website based on clients’ suggestions. So clients can better focus on core processes,” explains Nietfeldt.

OMG’s offerings have proven to be beneficial to many companies. For instance, OMG trained a large trade services company’s C-Suite on understanding the difference between branded traffic and organic-ranked keyword traffic, and the benefits of national search traffic over the local. The company also implemented a multi-market location content strategy for the client to start earning domain authority in both local and national search areas. By building a custom team operations portal, OMG gave the client’s employees easy access to the necessary business information, business card, and other advertising asset ordering. In addition to web, search, and social marketing strategies, OMG also built and executed PPC and email marketing strategies, and maintained lead generation tracking. Since the launch of the website and digital marketing strategy, the client has seen tremendous growth in its operating markets.

Moving forward, OMG intends to increase its team strength and introduce new white labeling services with agency partners. The company looks forward to introducing more B2B services.

Omaha Media Group

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Brad Nietfeldt, President & CEO

A one-stop-shop for creative digital marketing, OMG offers unique platform and services to cater to the holistic marketing needs of its clients

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