Tadpull: An Integrated Approach to E-commerce and Digital Marketing

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E-commerce is growing year after year at a fast pace as users increasingly shop and buy on mobile. As consumers in both B2B and B2C are more dynamic and omni-channel in nature than ever before, online retailers must redefine the digital experience for their shoppers, boost sales and increase revenue while maintaining a profit.

The demand for analyzing, interpreting and using all the data associated with this user journey is on the rise. Consequently, e-commerce business owners are one of the biggest consumers of data-science. This is where Tadpull is carving out a niche; the Montana-based software company specializes in leveraging predictive analytics and design thinking to help e-commerce clients predictably scale profitable traffic to their digital properties and convert visitors into customers and evangelists.

With global clients including Caterpillar, Jackson Hole Resort, Kickstarter, ASSOS, DonorsChoose.org, and Children’s Miracle Network, the company has earned a reputation for helping brands own their customer channels while producing predictable revenue results.

“Owning and leveraging data in real-time is the key to scaling modern e-commerce businesses and competing against Amazon,” representing a massive shift for mid-market companies. The path to purchase for online customers is a lengthy process today across devices and channels like search, social media, and email. It is further compounded with the consumer expectations for personalized experiences and offers tailored to their needs and buying behavior. Whether they buy on Amazon or not, users in B2B and B2C expect a similar experience.

The primary objective for mid-market brands would be to analyze and enact on the significant amount of data that this cross-device, cross-platform path to purchase generates. With efficient data-driven strategies in place powered by the insights gathered from data, Tadpull can drastically boost the effectiveness of their client’s marketing efforts and increase the profitability of the business by focusing on individual customer lifetime value. “Obsessing just on SEO, or email-marketing or social-media, companies tend to ignore the full user journey; from being introduced to the brand, engaging, experiencing and finally, advocating for the brand. Along that path are clues that indicate not all customers are of equal value and thus dangerous for the long-term health of the business,” says Jake Cook, CEO, and Co-Founder of Tadpull.

Tadpull’s Pond software platform enables clients to leverage technology and data to build their customer dashboard around user behavior and digital marketing campaign performance with their predicted lifetime value.
Using channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), proactive e-mail campaigns, and paid advertising strategies, Tadpull helps customers scale their direct-to-consumer business off this north star. “We do this in three simple steps: first, we unify all the data in one place; next, we simplify it with a variety of statistical models, and finally we amplify it out across the organization in real-time to take advantage of opportunities the data presents,” explains Cook.

Tadpull’s software tool assists companies in monitoring key performance indicators by enabling them to organize, view and analyze data from various sources in a single place and sends important notifications that impact decision-making. The firm has even built-in a Google voice assistant app into Pond that allows anyone to walk into a room and ask questions of their e-commerce data - no screen required.

The company has seen particular success within the Oracle NetSuite platform and is currently certified by the global giant as a commerce partner for e-commerce consulting as well as having the dual distinction of its software being certified as “Built for NetSuite”.

Using an integrated approach of customized e-commerce software and digital marketing services, Tadpull trains the client to orchestrate digital marketing strategies effectively with a customer-oriented approach. From auditing the client’s existing technology stack to imparting custom predictive statistical models, Tadpull goes the extra mile to produce the best results off the data at hand. In one instance, the company helped one business double their e-commerce revenue twice within 18 months. Tadpull has for the second successive year in a row, experienced exponential growth and is on track again for the third year. “Mid-market companies are waking up to the fact of owning the direct to consumer data as a business asset and building off that for producing profitable sales. We are honored to help assist in this revolution”, concludes Jake Cook.


Bozeman, MT

Jake Cook, CEO & Co-Founder and Lee Cook, Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder

A digital-marketing software and services company that helps mid-market companies scale their e-commerce businesses using data science and design thinking