Vazoola: The Science behind Building Marketing Strategies

Andrew Sperl, Co-Founder & VP of Sales & Marketing
Building a successful business is lot like developing a strong and healthy human being. “Epigenetics or ‘the study of gene expression through lifestyle and environmental factors’ reveals that there are certain genes that we would want turned on because they provide a benefit to our health, while others we would want turned off because they are detrimental to our health. Similarly, in business, the “lifestyle factors” could be compared to internal decisions the company has control over such as hiring and developing the right employees, or determining the proper marketing strategy,” says Andrew Sperl, Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing of Vazoola.

In today’s economy, with the growing competition, companies are on a constant lookout for “influencers” that will have the biggest impact on their marketing strategies. As a platform connecting businesses and brands with thousands of key online influencers, Vazoola brings together bloggers, social influencers, and YouTubers that have created a strong online presence to build efficient marketing strategies.

“Knowledge is power, and the more we understand about our own business, industry, and customers, the more forward thinking we can be with our decisions,” says Sperl. Businesses must be aware of the proper strategy to maximize their visibility to their target customers. Though there are number of ways to do this—raising your search engine rankings through content marketing and link building, making a strong social presence though sponsored social and video promotions, and increasing brand awareness through product reviews and giveaways—SMBs with budget constraints might find it difficult to implement these solutions. However, once they determine the ideal solution to reach their customers, they need to execute them in real-time. This is where Vazoola—developed by LinkVehicle—comes in. “We use the connections that we have built with thousands of key online influencers to leverage any of these strategies. Most businesses do not have the time, money, or experience to locate the right type of influencers to fit their niche and strategy.

Most businesses do not have the time, money, or experience to locate the right type of influencers to fit their niche and strategy

We’ve built connections with over a 100,000 influencers, and we have the technology to hone in on the specific influencers that match the needs of our clients.”

Additionally, Vazoola’s content marketing service has the capability to handle the whole process of creating engaging content, locating the types of blogs or online publications which would be most impacted by that content, and finally working with the right contact to complete the job. “Our content marketing service is still our most popular and effective solution. Businesses should strive to get high quality content placed on other relevant sites, apart from their own. Our game-changing technology makes this happen,” notes Sperl.

The company endeavors to strike a balance between internal decisions such as right hiring or proper marketing strategy, and external influences like economy or changes in social behavior to capsize future impediments. Moreover, the firm has the right mix of technology to steer amidst the unpredictable terrain of market competition. Going forward, Vazoola plans to introduce new and innovative platforms in the digital marketing landscape.

“Right now, I believe our technology is as good as any of our competitors, if not better. In the next couple of months, we will be adding a new platform that our clients will have access to. This new platform will be without a doubt a game-changing technology that our industry hasn’t seen yet,” concludes Sperl.


Stratford, CT

Andrew Sperl, Co-Founder & VP of Sales & Marketing

A platform connecting companies and brands with thousand of key online influencers