iContact: Transforming Email Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

Geoff Alexander, President
In today’s competitive marketplace, every small business and grassroots organization is struggling to provide excellent products and services as they target the same audience and profit centers. Additionally, because of time and money constraints, SMBs often fail to stay ahead of the competition curve compared to larger, big-budget brands. This is where iContact excels, bringing the biggest positive impact on ROI for SMB marketers. “We help businesses achieve positive results with our portfolio of email marketing solutions. Whether a customer is sending their first email newsletter or their millionth campaign, we consistently seek to provide the comprehensive resources a modern marketer needs to thrive,” says Geoff Alexander, President at iContact.

The company aims at extending the power of small teams by providing easy access to gorgeous email layouts, landing page creation, and social media management and reporting—all under one, comprehensive dashboard.

iContact brings a portfolio of cost-effective and proven products that allows for personalized marketing conversations on a large scale and makes small brands seem bigger to their prospects and customers. “Our product stack includes iContact, iContact Pro, iContact for Salesforce, and iContact Español. Each product is serviced by a team of knowledgeable sales and support staff members so all our customers get the one-on-one help they deserve and in their native language,” says Alexander.

iContact Pro, the marketing automation platform, automates email marketing with triggered messages(i.e., personalized emails with behavioral segmentation), which allow you to track all your digital marketing efforts across your website, landing pages, and social media sites. “Marketing automation can be complex for many businesses, but we fundamentally believe in democratizing it and making its benefits available to all businesses and organizations. For instance, once a customer starts a free trial, or schedules a demo of our automation platform, any initial intimidation quickly gives way to marketing inspiration and measurable results. iContact Pro allows scalability, programmatic auto-messaging, and the chance to really give customers and contacts what they need based on their behavior,” explains Alexander.

iContact Pro allows scalability, programmatic auto-messaging, and the chance to really give customers and contacts what they need based on their behavior

For just a nominal upcharge, iContact Pro equips any customer to go beyond basic email marketing to create a world of personalized experiences for their subscribers.

Additionally, iContact for Salesforce helps businesses seeking a fully native Salesforce integration to directly manage email campaigns from within their CRM. “Our services team assists customers with everything from integrations and sending strategy to creative development, analytics, and inbox placement,” points out Alexander.

Tires Easy, an online retailer with many consumer options, has been one of iContact’s high-volume email marketing customers with a Premier services package. “After we showed them how they could connect their email marketing campaigns with Google Analytics, they experienced an amazing 419 percent increase in revenue, a 205 percent increase in webpage sessions, and an outstanding 52 percent increase in conversions from email,” says Alexander.

“Being a passionate advocate for our customers, means that we answer their questions, solve their complex technical challenges, and help them succeed,” notes Alexander. “We need to continue our own product evolution.” Recently, iContact landed a spot on Capterra’s Top 20 Most User-Friendly Email Marketing Software list. “Currently, we’re on a mission to make the user’s journey even easier and more intuitive,” says Alexander. In the spring of 2017, iContact launched a new-and-improved user experience that is really resonating with their early customer test users. “For iContact, email marketing is not merely a part of our business; it is our business and our commitment. Our mission remains the same: to combine passionate people and innovative technology to drive business success with email marketing solutions.”


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Geoff Alexander, President

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