Huge: Delivering Stellar User Experiences

Aaron Shapiro, CEO
Huge specializes in creating connected brand experiences that grow businesses and add value to people’s lives in an increasingly digital world. Today, consumers interact with companies through a variety of touch points and expect a customer experience on par with leading experience companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. Focusing on providing a best in class customer experience is the best way for companies to establish a competitive advantage for their brands. As the future of technology evolves, the companies that prioritize experience will be able to outperform other companies.

Designing a best in class customer experience includes accounting for all the ways people interact with a company from viewing a website, to using apps, going to a physical store, talking to customer service representatives, and looking at marketing. All of these things make up the relationship that consumers have with a brand. Aaron Shapiro, CEO at Huge, explains, “Each of these touch points needs to effortlessly solve their users’ problems. We design these experiences as part of a complete, connected system with a unified message that purposely meets business and brand goals.”

Huge has focused its business on providing clients with an end-to-end solution for creating these experiences and transforming their businesses. By combining best in class design and execution of integrated creative all together under one roof, they are able to offer clients a turnkey solution that simultaneously provides users with a stellar customer experience and drives business performance. “We’re constantly talking to people about how they use technology and what their real needs are. That research into how technology and society are evolving helps us determine the right business strategy for organizations and then translate that into the right brand strategy,” states Shapiro.
A full product and service ecosystem is then designed and built based on that vision, with integrated communications and marketing that drives awareness and engagement across every relevant channel.

We design a frictionless user experience with a unified message that purposely meets business and brand goals

A success story that exemplifies Huge’s end-to-end process involves a consortium of banks concerned about the rise in B2B payment systems and services. At scale, the proliferation of these systems challenges the conventional banking industry and the role of banks in how people pay for goods and services. Huge was hired to help create a product driven payment solution that would better than the products currently in market. Huge worked with the banks to not only design and develop this new product, but to create its branding and brand proposition and the marketing campaign to introduce it to the consumer marketplace. The product is scheduled to be launched this summer.

As Huge looks to the future, they are exploring new technologies. The key to success in marketing is the ability to constantly adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape. Huge is actively investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to be able to create intelligent and “anticipatory” experiences that dramatically enhance the overall customer experience. Huge expects AI to transform what users expect from companies, making new levels of personalization and automation essential to future success. At the same time, they will continue to develop their end-to-end model, which is what differentiates them in the digital marketing space and defines them as a full-service agency.


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Aaron Shapiro, CEO

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