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Michelle Nessman, Owner, Founder, & Chief Strategy Officer
Traditional marketing strategies (those primarily focused on advertising through channels like direct mail, television, and radio) despite being immensely present, have lost effectiveness as a stand-alone strategy due to the rise of digitization. Today, buyer behavior is highly influenced by the Internet, and consumers have endless options they are able to research online before ever even speaking with a sales professional to purchase services or products. Michelle Nessman, noticing the significant shift in the marketing industry, founded Elite Business Systems, in 2014, to provide both B2B and B2C companies with inbound marketing and sales strategies. With buyer behavior constantly evolving, Elite’s agile approach is driven by customer-centric marketing and sales methodology. Elite’s goal, as Michelle states, is to help companies take a strategic, customer-centric, and data-driven approach to sales and marketing strategies that attract new potential customers, rather than disrupt their day with interruptive marketing strategies.

With increasing research capabilities readily accessible to consumers and a distaste towards interruptive solicitations, Elite provides marketing strategies intended to attract those doing research online. When it comes to their content marketing services, Elite has a three-pronged approach that includes the creation, optimization, and promotion of educational content developed by their in-house inbound marketing team. “Before we start identifying our content marketing strategy, we ensure that we have thoroughly researched our client’s customers and from that research, we create buyer personas,” says Michelle. “Buyer personas are developed from interviews with sales professionals, the marketing team, and interviewing some of the company’s customers, as well as reviewing any data the company may have on its existing customers.” The data and research allows Elite to build a marketing strategy that aligns with the buyers’ needs.

Sales Enablement encompasses the process, tools, training and coaching within a sales operation that allow sales professionals to effectively and efficiently navigate prospects through the buyer’s journey and gain a commitment to become a customer. Elite’s services include designing customized sales processes, developing sales training programs, building sales enablement tools (like sales email templates), and leveraging sales enablement technology (like a customer relationship management system).

Our ability to focus on all aspects of the sales funnel, not just marketing or sales but both together improves productivity and eliminates revenue-generating barriers

“Our expertise in not only Inbound Marketing methodology, but also inbound sales allow us to align a company’s sales and marketing operations, which can itself lead to nearly a 20 percent increase in revenue,” says Nessman. “Our ability to focus on all aspects of the sales funnel, not just marketing or not just sales but both together improves productivity and eliminates revenue-generating barriers that you can see when the two respective disciplines are working in silos.”

Along with a defined, scalable sales process, the technology an organization uses can have a direct impact on volume of sales. “Simply having a CRM does not necessarily mean that the sales process is defined,” clarifies Michelle. Elite offers services that help its clients assess their existing CRM for sales enablement opportunities, or select and customize a new CRM.

As a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder, Michelle believes contributing in local community is a core element for running a successful business. With an intentional approach to building her digital marketing agency, she has hired marketing experts who wish to craft their expertise in a specific function of content marketing. “To successfully execute an inbound marketing strategy, having the right people in the right positions who are passionate about their respective responsibilities in lead generation is key. “As a business owner, my responsibility is to identify what facet of content marketing each of my employees is passionate about, and give them the tools and support to be successful in their area of expertise, while understanding all functions that create a high-performing digital marketing team.”

The company culture Michelle has created is data-driven and analytic in nature to ensure all strategies can be measured based on ROI, while fostering an environment of creativity and innovation to create unique and customized customer solutions.

Elite Business Systems

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Michelle Nessman, Owner, Founder, & Chief Strategy Officer

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