Convergent Mobile: Facilitating Interactive Marketing

Mickey Breen, President & CEO
A substantial surge in the population of smartphone users has marked the success of SMS marketing campaigns. For enterprises scouting for a cost-effective and mobile-centric marketing system, SMS marketing is a convenient and practical option. “Text marketing and operational messaging just started receiving a place in the budget over the last couple of years and the effectiveness of this channel beats that of any other communications channel by light years,” begins Mickey Breen, President and CEO of Convergent Mobile. With an intent to enable seamless communication, build brand awareness, and facilitate better business opportunities, Convergent Mobile offers enterprise grade mobile-based solutions that include an SMS-based marketing and operations platform, listing management, and online scheduling systems. The firm offers a dedicated suite of customized marketing products that engage audiences and create efficiencies for customer-facing businesses and digital marketing agencies. “We provide software solutions that focus heavily on a highly under-utilized but yet effective channel— SMS communications—and allow businesses to leverage these solutions throughout their marketing and operations processes.”

Convergent Mobile facilitates the delivery of interactive marketing messages through their well acknowledged text marketing system for business—5STAR. The 5STAR text marketing product is a white-labeled SaaS solution with options for easy and remote integration with a client’s backend systems. 5STAR ensures that all customer facing messages are corporate approved and compliant. This is facilitated by a workflowfor creation/approval of custom messages. 5STAR allows franchisees to send messages to one or multiple storefront customers with a single click.

We enable communications, create efficiencies, deepen relationships, and drive business, and safeguard our clients’ businesses too

5STAR also enables transactional messaging that helps franchisees save multiple hours expended on making phone calls to customers and focus on in-store activities instead. 5STAR is a role-based system that integrates with the clients’ back-end systems and helps them create new operational efficiencies and establish a credible source of communication with their customers.

“Our systems have been built so that corporate stays in compliance with all of the rules pertaining to the TCPA regulations,” asserts Breen. “Although we provide products with feature sets that are similar to our competitors, what differentiates us is our top notch customer service,” notes Breen. “Anyone who knows this market understands that the largest difference when dealing with a company is service and our service is ‘extraordinary’.”

With a focus on building innovative products for their clients, Convergent Mobile is heading toward the next stage of growth in terms of product development and team development. “We enable communications, create efficiencies, deepen relationships, and drive business, and safeguard our clients’ businesses too.”

Convergent Mobile

Sonoma, CA

Mickey Breen, President & CEO

Delivers mobile technology tools to enable brand communications, build awareness, create efficiencies, and drive business

Convergent Mobile