Biondo Creative: Redefining Marketing Campaigns

Anthony Biondo Jr, Founder & CEO
“Search engine marketing isn’t busy work. It drives sales,” says Anthony Biondo, Founder and CEO of Biondo Creative. “When you are visible on Google, you can turn searchers into visitors. Then you convert those visitors into buyers.”

He should know. His firm is one of the fastest-growing in the region, working with small and medium-sized businesses to expand their digital marketing campaigns. Tackling everything from web design to search engine optimization, social media, and pay-per-click advertising, he credits a no-size-fits-all approach to working on the web. Although his firm is a Google Partner and is certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, he stresses that there is “no magic formula” that works for everyone. Biondo suggests that building good authoritative content which answers consumer questions and creating a good mobile and desktop user experience are a couple ways to garner favor with users and search engines.

“Our team works closely with clients to understand their needs. Then, we get together with web programmers, cloud engineers, and marketing specialists to figure out how all the pieces come together. We don’t just want to build websites. Our goal is to help create brilliant user experiences that are innovative, easy to use, and scalable while executing on our client’s goals.”

Biondo adds that much of what makes a web presence effective and profitable happens behind the scenes. “There are a lot of things clients and customers never see but always notice. For instance, slow loading websites, broken links, errors and poorly designed pages. We look at every detail when creating websites for customers and follow best practices from the W3C and Google.”

While many of the companies that turn to Biondo Creative are brand-new ventures, the Founder is careful to point out that putting together an online marketing plan doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. “A digital strategy can include anything from a brand health check to a complete web playbook.

Our goal is to help create brilliant user experiences that are innovative, easy to use, and scalable while executing on our client’s goals

The challenges and constraints are always different, but the end goal is always to get our clients across the finish line—with great brand recognition and a healthy ROI—in the quickest and most cost-effective route possible.”

In addition to providing web design and hosting services, Biondo Creative offers PPC, social media marketing, SEO and live streaming services. Some Philadelphia-based companies turn to Anthony’s team simply for social media management or video production. “We try to help wherever we are needed,” he says.

For a sense of the way this works in the real world, Biondo shares the story of an area retailer who approached the firm because of a failing Google AdWords campaign. The company was spending lots of money, but wasn’t getting the kinds of results they had expected. The Biondo Creative team started capturing analytics, evaluated the ad structure and previous campaign history. They then reviewed the website itself to identify any technical issues that would impact response and conversion rates. The process was ongoing, but after a few months of upgrades and modifications the retailer reported a substantial increase in the number of incoming calls, in-store visits and new purchases.

Biondo says that’s all a day’s work. “The bottom line is that we want to be disruptive force in the technology and design fields. I want my company to be known for an ability to combine exceptional design, innovation, and strategic planning to deliver the kinds of results that look as good in the bottom line as they do a browser tab.”

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Anthony Biondo Jr, Founder & CEO

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