565 Media: An Agile Approach to Internet Marketing

Matthew Ceran, Co-Founder & Manager
Efficient digital marketing spend, whether at a small or large scale, is key for any modern business. Improving return on investment can do wonders for profitability, and long-term viability. Here is where 565 Media thrives, and why they are increasingly referred to as an “invaluable digital marketing partner.”

Their track record in taking venture-backed companies from Seed to Series A, Series B and beyond has been making waves across coasts. While this LA-based agency assists many local businesses, the majority of their clients actually reside in the tech hubs of San Francisco and New York City.

Take for instance Indiegogo—an international crowdfunding platform– who initially hired 565 Media to run paid search. Revamped operations on this channel led to significant improvements in efficiency and scale. From there, 565 Media dived deeper into their business, eventually integrating across Indiegogo as experts in all things digital.

“We are a data-driven, internet marketing agency, built with agility in mind. We offer a unique mix of excellent client service, affordable pricing, flexible terms and unparalleled experience in assisting companies of all sizes hit their digital success metrics,” says Matthew Ceran, Co-Founder at 565 Media.

While running online marketing efforts for the e¬commerce giant ShoeDazzle.com, Ceran recognized his distinct perspective on user acquisition. He began consulting for Silicon Beach startups and after contributing to a series of impressive growth hacking campaigns, decided to launch his own entrepreneurial venture with his high school friend Max Sloan. At the time, Sloan was finishing his MBA at UCLA Anderson.

The duo believes in combining best practices and essential technology in the digital space with a custom, personal touch. By offering affordable rates and short-term pricing, 565 Media allows their clients the flexibility to hit targeted goals without bulky overhead costs.
Max Sloan, Co-Founder
“We are experts in digital marketing but remain voracious students of the ever-changing landscape. Our team is committed to staying on the forefront of digital marketing, virtual reality and whatever comes next. We custom tailor our approach to every client to ensure the strategy and tactics fit specific needs,” notes Max Sloan, Co-Founder at 565 Media.

The company offers its clients a clear path and a defined set of options to prepare for the journey. Their experience with businesses in various stages, from innovative startups to publicly traded companies, is fundamental in helping clients achieve and maintain efficient growth. Now arriving full-circle, the firm has its own focus on actively scaling their team to meet the heightened demand of their services.

“We have expanded our offering and now feature very affordable pricing beyond our core customer acquisition services. For instance, we can take a client’s new business idea and build them a growth-focused, e-commerce website from the ground up that is designed to scale,” explains Ceran.

565 Media is presently energized with the recent launch of their online magazine called ‘The Daily Data: News Curated For Growth’. The Daily Data is the best of growth marketing news, curated by the 565 Media editorial team and delivered directly to your email inbox each weekday. Ceran believes that this resource will become a valuable tool for clients, the tech community and any party motivated to develop or maintain expertise in the field of internet marketing.

As 565 Media continues to grow, their services are becoming increasingly sought-after by larger, well-established brands. However as an agency, 565 Media prides itself on the ability to help companies of all sizes with custom solutions. After all, efficiency is a marker of success regardless of employee count.

565 Media

Marina Del Rey, CA

Matthew Ceran, Co-Founder & Manager and Max Sloan, Co-Founder

Provides online marketing and user acquisition services for startups and mid-sized companies in the e-commerce space

565 Media