BigWing Interactive: Navigating the Digital Marketing Space

Marilyn Hoeffner, General Manager
When a team of digital marketers at the Oklahoman Media Company was entrusted to make the content from The Oklahoman newspaper and other entities more accessible to online target audiences, a realization occurred–many others could and should benefit from their services. The team saw the migration of dollars away traditional advertizing towards digital marketing and took the advantage of this shift to build a company—BigWing Interactive. “We’ve always been technically exceptional and those skills, along with creative talent, are vital in digital marketing,” remarks Marilyn Hoeffner, General Manager of BigWing Interactive. “We aren’t the only agency doing digital marketing, but we’re one of those few companies who are making online marketing cost-effective both for billion dollar companies and SMEs,” expresses Marilyn.

For BigWing’s clients, the biggest pain point in today’s digital marketing sector is its ever-increasing complexity. The increase in the number of platforms and touchpoints between communicator and audience has created a need for more seasoned experts. At the same time, “digital marketing is awash with mediocre vendors with limited capabilities who often over-promise and under-deliver,” points out Marilyn. As a badged Google partner, BigWing offers an array of online marketing practices like web design and development, content marketing, organic SEO, paid search, retargeting and social media management to drive qualified web traffic for their clients of all sizes in all industries. In order to do so, the company has introduced a proprietary onboarding process, called the “Digital Marketing Brief.” Driven by client interviews coupled with BigWing’s years of research experience, this process helps to create a shared understanding of client’s brand identity, customer segmentation, competitive positioning and marketing goals. “It’s an incredibly lean and affordable onboarding process that gives us everything we need to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, quantifiable results,” says Marilyn.

BigWing strategically plans all its campaigns to utilize specific tactics to achieve client goals. An example of these tactics is effective social media management that uses tools like Facebook ads to build local community, raise brand awareness, and generate quality leads at a low cost.

We’re one of those few companies who are making online marketing cost-effective both for billion dollar companies and SMEs

BigWing also informs, engages, nurtures, converts, and re-engages targets via content marketing, which plays a vital role in increasing touchpoints, and building rapport between audience and brand. Additionally, the company provides paid search service–a catalyst in creating immediate demand for a business and driving audience members directly to it. Furthermore, BigWing’s search engine marketing and SEO ensures that the clients’ websites are at the top of the search list.

Over the years, BigWing’s innovative solutions have helped many clients achieve their mission. For example, INTEGRIS Health, a leading Oklahoma-based healthcare provider, was outranked in search engines by local competitors and national directories. As a result of BigWing’s exhaustive keyword research and customer-focused campaign, the client experienced 60 percent increase in organic search traffic with an effective cost per click of just $0.32, achieving an estimated savings of $1.6 million per year when compared to the cost of traditional paid advertising.

For the coming years, BigWing Interactive will continue blending their proven technical acumen with creative talent and will grow their portfolio of regional and national clientele in all industries. It will also continue its outreach initiatives, including hosting a series of monthly digital marketing seminars called “Lift Sessions” and presenting one of the largest annual digital marketing conferences in the region—“Confluence Conference.”

“Our digital marketing will retain its stellar track record in terms of functionality and searchability,” said Marilyn, “And we’ll continue to expand our ability to develop, communicate and reinforce our clients’ brand identities.”

BigWing Interactive

Oklahoma City, OK

Marilyn Hoeffner, General Manager

An online marketing company that drives qualified web traffic for their clients spread across sectors

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