Jebbit: Engaging Consumers through Dynamic Digital Experience

Thomas Coburn, CEO & Co-founder
In today’s digital marketing landscape, there is an abundance of technologies that provide advertisements to consumers. But since the digital advertisements are just clicks and impressions, consumers quickly begin to lose interest in generic post-click experiences. “And as brands fail to sustain the attention of their audience, billions of digital marketing dollars are wasted every year,” says Tom Coburn, Co-founder of Jebbit.

Located in Boston, MA, Jebbit’s post-click marketing platform transforms web pages and content into an interactive session which delivers a deeper understanding between the end-users and brands. “Jebbit’s Post-Click Marketing Platform not only sustains customers’ attention but also creates personalized interactions through a value-based exchange that allows end-users to unlock content, rewards, and promotions,” explains Jonathan Lacoste, Co-founder of Jebbit. Through this interaction, brands gain a comprehensive knowledge of their audience which increases the lifetime value and feeds marketing automation systems. “We have created a business model and product that is continually improving as we collect more end-user data,” adds Lacoste.

Unlike run-of-the-mill marketing strategies, Jebbit’s Post- Click Marketing platform provides a real-time personalized digital experience leading end-users to the most relevant content or promotion. “The platform is a combination of out-of-the-box technology and creative services for custom campaign experiences and integrations,” states Coburn. Within it, Jebbit has built an engine known as ‘Jebbit Insights’ that recommends the perfect campaign experience for the brands based on the audience, vertical, and marketing goal. “Our platform gets smarter every day as thousands of end-users interact through it,” adds Lacoste. The core of every Jebbit strategy revolves around end-users leaving a post-click experience with a much better understanding of the brand or product.

Jebbit makes it their mission to empower clients by engaging audiences through a dynamic digital experience. Dell, one of the recognized clients of Jebbit, required a marketing technique to accelerate the buying cycle of its security customers. Jebbit’s platform not only managed to step-up the cycle but also increased understanding of the products with Dell’s existing content.
“With Jebbit, Dell attained three times more qualified leads and increased their engagement time on the site by five times compared to the campaigns they were previously running,” says Lacoste. In another instance, Warrior, a division of New Balance shoes promoted a Jebbit powered campaign through its influence net¬work. The client offered discounts for answering questions about its new line of shoes, as well as personalized content related to their interests to recommend the shoes best suited to specific consumers. As a result, over 50 percent of the consumers who entered the campaign submitted their email and led to Warrior more than doubling its conversion to purchases due to attaining a deeper understanding of the product.

Our platform gets smarter every day as thousands of end-users interact through it

“Our engine, which enables a user-friendly experience for consumers, is the main feature that draws clients,” says Coburn. To stay ahead of the competition, Jebbit has identified six specific marketing goals which its platform optimizes—brand awareness, lead generation, consumer profiling, user acquisition, eCommerce sales, and social engagement. “We’re building our marketing platform in a direction where it can optimize to our customer’s requirements and deliver concrete ROI,” says Lacoste.

Jonathan Lacoste, Co-founder
For the road ahead, Jebbit plans to focus on growth through strategic partnerships. “Currently our team is developing a new product with improved features that will enter into the ‘pre-click’ realm as well. With our hard working and dedicated teams, we aim to raise our company into a billion dollar business,” concludes Coburn.


Boston, MA

Thomas Coburn, CEO & Co-founder and Jonathan Lacoste, Co-founder

Jebbit’s Post-Click Marketing platform is a combination of out-of-the-box technology and creative services for custom campaign experiences and integrations