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Gimbal and do it outdoors media Partner to Launch Mobile Out-of-Home Ad Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, September 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Gimbal, a provider of location-and-proximity-based mobile engagement, announces a partnership with do it outdoors media to create a dynamic out-of-home advertising solutions. The latest solution pairs alternative media formats with Gimbal beacon technology to reach consumers.

do it outdoors media –a marketing and advertising firm– aims smartphone app-users at hyper local level. Bridging the gap between out-of-home and digital, beacon-enabled formats actively engage consumers directly with opportunities.

The partnership will enable Gimbal to place beacons in the company’s mobile billboard units, owned and operated by do it outdoors, along with placement on Segways, jet packs, brand ambassador teams and other field marketing activation sites. Consumers entering beacon’s proximity will be receiving a push notification within advertiser’s own mobile app or on a partnered third party app capable of introducing brands to new audiences.  Content can be delivered in real-time, programmed to only serve messages once or within specific parameters.

Gimbal provides passive smartphone engagement through Bluetooth Smart beacons with support for iOS and Android devices, plus advanced geofencing, security features and privacy controls. Companies can maximize mobile billboard unit inventory and field marketing activations by providing a means for client brands to desegregate their physical and digital strategies utilizing the same infrastructure.

“Gimbal has established the largest nationwide proximity network, and through partners like do it outdoors media, our secure beacon technology is enabling out-of-home networks to connect digitally with smartphone users,” says Kevin Hunter, COO Gimbal. “Complimenting mobile billboards with a beacon-triggered digital engagement is an attractive solution for advertisers looking to deliver more targeted and personalized experiences to their key audiences. Further, Gimbal’s back-end data analytics provide the ability to measure specific proximity-based attribution, enabling these networks to show the value derived from a particular location.”

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