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ChannelMix with Tableau Software to Outperform Hybrid BI Tools

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

KANSAS CITY, MO: Alight Analytics, a leading marketing analytics solutions provider has recently declared two more agency partnerships that prefer the successful combination of ChannelMix and Tableau software to empower their analytics strategies, a press release from Alight Analytics stated.

Both agencies were looking for hybrid Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Domo which can connect to choose marketing sources and build dashboards. But the lack of data storage, data hygiene and most important of all, the lack of an active warehouse management, meant that the agencies would only be addressing a small part of their business needs. Each agency requires learning complex coding to connect with all the data sources and cannot apply custom rules at the data level and, without a dedicated service team, would be on their own for support. The unbeaten combination of ChannelMix and Tableau was easy to integrate into their organization. ChannelMix serves as a data platform to centralize all the marketing analytics intelligence and Tableau, as a leading business intelligence platform, provides a suitable long-term solution to foster efficiencies for them. Therefore, they believe that this combination will scale their business and everything it will be a cheaper solution than using a hybrid business intelligence tool.

“Marketing has a two-part problem when it comes to analytics – data and reporting. By utilizing best-in-class tools to address each of these problems, our clients have a holistic sustainable solution,” said Matt Hertig, Co-Founder of Alight Analytics. “Customers purchasing business intelligence tools alone are quickly realizing that until they truly solve the data problem with an actively managed data platform like we provide, then they have a beautiful car sitting in the driveway with no engine.”