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AI to Enhance Marketing Strategy

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 10, 2018

While almost every industry is in search for proponents that might strike its revolutionary potential, AI is all set to refurbish marketing forever. But, how do marketers leverage AI in its marketing strategies? Many marketers have already started using AI chatbots to propel different aspect of marketing.

Using deep learning AI chatbots, which has access to layers of data from neural networks, including customer information that has been built up over time, companies can bring significant change to the customer support experience. For example, artificial intelligence can identify customer segments that are losing significance in your business. At the same time, when trying to retain newest customers, AI can create models that will keep hold of the customers who have been with your brand for some time and increase their customer lifetime value.

On the other hand, if developing monthly content around spreadsheets is what worries executives, there are AI chatbots to take care of that. The writing bots can transform structured data into a written document­, albeit with varying success.

However, one major breakthrough that will revolutionize content marketing industry is using AI for predictive intelligence. With the help of predictive intelligence, businesses can become more efficient­ as AI helps them understand an individual customer better, thereby personalizing the marketing content that appeals to their exact needs and interests. It also greatly affects lead scoring—a points system used to determine where your prospects are in the buyer journey. This will also allow marketers to speed up the sales process by helping them determine which customers are most ideal to convert, depending on their past behavior and history.

With more ground-breaking AI-powered tools being developed, the content marketing industry is poised for greater innovation in the future.