AI Optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns
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AI Optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Marketing executives are usually seen spending hours brainstorming promotional ideas in order to determine the right content for the right audience, and this task can sometimes become too complicated. With an aim to streamline the process, AI is gradually foraying into the marketing domain to ease the burden of marketers and forecast the right combinations that maximize marketing conversions.

Content is the most important component of any marketing campaign. With the use of AI, marketing content can be seamlessly automated to reap better outcome. Historically, marketing experts would employ a tedious trial and error method to get the best content for their campaign in place, but the processes were usually prone to errors. AI has the power to radically transform this aspect. While not just generating fast and error-free content, AI technology in email marketing can also save a lot of time that marketers spend on A/B testing, thus allowing executives to test out a variety of different combinations that I could not inspect before due to time constraints. Besides, AI can help these marketing teams choose the right marketing tool for the right combination of content and drive incremental value to the campaign.

It is also common among marketers to make assumptions on the best time to start a marketing campaign. While the assumption might prove beneficial for few campaigns, it might not work as well for others. This is where AI can be used to drive maximum value to ensure the success of marketing campaigns.

While the concept of AI is exhilarating, it is also quite new in the email marketing space. Thus it is only for the time to reveal what the power of AI holds for the future of email marketing.

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