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Adobe Unveils New Marketing Cloud solutions

By CIOReview | Friday, March 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Signaling its intent to integrate technologies, Adobe unveiled two new Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions: Adobe Primetime, which is a multi-screen TV platform, and Audience Manager, Adobe’s data management platform.

The cloud computing company also showcased its breakthroughs in mobile marketing and app development, extension of marketing intelligence into product design and Internet-of-Things (IoT) as well as the fusion of advertising and marketing technologies.

The multi-screen TV platform has been designed to help broadcasters, cable networks and service providers create personalized TV and film experiences for users and provide the desired content across devices. It protects video rights on various devices and platforms, and eliminates inventory waste.

Adobe Primetime uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) workflow to build videos, and brings in additional features to enhance existing broadcast and distribution workflows. Media sellers can benefit from Adobe Marketing Cloud integrations and achieve real-time ad delivery and campaign optimization.

Audience Manager further enhances the ad campaign by helping the provider build specific audience profiles and thereby identify the segments of high importance. Through this people can be identified and tracked as they move from on device to the other and ad campaigns can be designed on various content delivery platforms, like content management systems and ad servers.

The data management platform facilitates co-ordination and can be leveraged equally by advertisers as well as publishers. Advertisers can increase their revenue and customer base through actionable views of their audiences, whereas publishers can sell advertisers their unique, targeted audiences.

A new IoT SDK which uses GPS and iBeacon data and a new mobile framework for integration of app technologies in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, are among the other key steps Adobe has taken recently. “Marketing has been driving digital transformation at the world’s largest brands, agencies and media companies. Now, marketing is moving beyond the marketing department and transforming how enterprises organize and engage with customers across every touch point,” says Brad Rencher, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe.