Top 10 Digital Marketing Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

The ongoing situation of Covid19 pandemic around the world is causing major economic impacts, but one key benefit that we have in modern society is the internet and increased connectivity, which has allowed many businesses to continue operation despite not being able to open their physical stores. This is precisely where organizations can harness complete benefit of digital marketing.

As engaging consumers and raising brand awareness are both crucial in digital marketing space, organizations are using new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance marketing strategies. There are plenty of implications for AI in the digital marketing world and chatbots are definitely one of the most exciting. Chatbots offer the best of both worlds; you can automate a huge part of your customer communication process without sacrificing customer service and support. Artificial intelligence also assists in on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech simulates human conversation. Chatbots mainly aim to solve any queries that customers might have while surfing through the website. Almost every business now has a mobile optimized website that makes it easier for customers to browse through the website in the vicinity of their smartphones.

Moreover, today’s businesses leverage messaging applications to reach targeted customers. WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat are some of these applications that have gained massive popularity in the past few years. On the other hand, voice-assistants are also used in digital marketing—these can search for things, read texts loudly, and dictate voice messages for a hands-free experience.

Besides, marketers are smartly bidding on online ads to reach customers that are interested in the products and services they offer. They are also considering personalization as one of the most essential part of the process. While the bigwigs in the business are already excelling at it, others might have to pace up with their techniques. But to avoid chances of customer ignorance to redundant ads popping every now and then, tailoring messages to targeted groups is a better way to retain customers.

Our goal with this edition is to feature promising digital marketing solution and service providers who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the space through their top-notch offerings. We hope this issue of the CIOReview helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster technologically-driven digital marketing solutions and services.

We present to you ‘10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Consulting/ Services Companies - 2020.'

    Top Digital Marketing Consulting/Services Companies

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    ANRO is a leader in the commercial print market with the industry's latest technology, equipment and print management solutions. ANRO’s unique strengths lie in providing absolutely customized print and online print management solutions to their clients, based on their unique needs and business rules. They are industry experts in all facets of commercial printing, including digital, direct mail, and postage optimization, while creating custom web solutions to streamline their unique workflow, with total tracking capabilities. Moreover, ANRO has a vast and distinguished equipment list all under one roof, allowing for the utmost level of quality, security and control

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    Daniel Brian Advertising is a top digital marketing and full-service advertising company that specializes in providing brand consulting services that engage emotional connections with consumer segments. The company has quantified emotional brand equity to understand the impact of digitally connected customers who become crusaders. DBA partners with Adobe and leads beta tests with Google to keep their clients first to market with best-of-breed solutions for their digital front door. DBA builds branded experiences, platforms and content for emotional connections at every touchpoint of the consumer’s journey.

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    Omaha Media Group (OMG) is a creative management firm dedicated to becoming an extension of the clients’ team on a long-term basis. The company is a one-stop-shop for a firm’s real-world and digital creative needs, from design to web application development to hosting through comprehensive digital marketing services. As a national leader in digital marketing consulting services, OMG uses its in-house platform, Monstrous.Digital, to develop marketing strategies for its clients. The platform also plays a significant role in monitoring all the activities related to clients’ brands. Additionally, the intuitive web, mobile, and SEO-friendly applications offered by the platform allow clients to take advantage of social and business collaborations, cloud computing, mobile apps, and other next-generation tools.

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    The Evoke Group develops digital advertising strategies after gaining a solid understanding of its client's business. The company's advertising services make it easy to plan, launch, and optimize digital campaigns across all major platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Evoke is adept at optimizing Google ad campaigns to make the most of a client's monthly budget and maximize return on investment. Additionally, Evoke empowers businesses with expert marketing services, including web development, video production, and digital advertising.

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    AppTech Corp. is a FinTech company providing electronic payment processing technologies and merchant services. This includes credit card processing, ACH processing, gift & loyalty cards, and e-commerce. The company expanded its core services to include global SMS patented text messaging and secure mobile payments based on MFA technologies. The patented two-way text chat platform enables secure SMS services including mobile payments, notifications, authentication, marketing, information queries, and reporting.

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    Globant is a digitally native company where innovation, design and engineering meet scale. Globant use the latest technologies in the digital and cognitive field to transform organizations in every aspect. The company have more than 12,500 employees and they are present in 16 countries working for companies like Google, Rockwell Automation, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others.

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    InPulse Digital

    InPulse Digital

    InPulse Digital is a strategic and creative digital marketing agency with over 15 years of experience. Before digital was cool, and FB or YouTube existed, InPilse Digital were helping transform companies'​ communications. With deep expertise in data-driven digital and social strategy, content production and unique paid media efficiencies, InPulse Digital exists to find the right strategy for clients brand.

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    Pronto Marketing

    Pronto Marketing

    Pronto is the leading all-in-one website service for growing businesses around the world. The company offers flexible, monthly plans for web design and marketing services to reach measurable results. From copywriting, design, development, hosting, SEO, email newsletters, 24/hour updates and more - Pronto take care of almost everything

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    Smac Digital Marketing

    Smac Digital Marketing

    SMAC Digital is a new generation of Full Service Digital Marketing. Their agency combines cutting edge A.I. technology and machine learning with driven strategies and tactics including: social media marketing, creative direction, websites, analytics and SEO. Using A.I. Technology software, the company is able to target industry specific audiences, learn their behavior, preferences and shopping habits to help clients do better business through the right digital channels

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    Wismad is a Digital Marketing, Web development and SEO company. Wismad delivers result oriented solutions to companies looking to promote their businesses online. The company is specialized in digital marketing, search engine marketing along with web development & Designing service. Wismad use SEO as an effective online advertising tool for clients when they want to promote their business and website.