Top 20 Digital Marketing Companies - 2017

Top 20 Digital Marketing Companies - 2017

The advancement and popularity of technology has enhanced the importance of digital marketing in the last few decades. Digital marketing can be implemented for any business in any industry and is soon going to surpass the traditional marketing custom. The online tools used in marketing provide ease of access, competitive advantages and effectiveness as opposed to the traditional marketing idea.

Marketing has always been about connecting with audience in the right place and at the right time. The current marketing arena involves marketers implementing modern services, platforms and software to design, accomplish and enhance their marketing. For connecting those dots the best medium is internet where people use to spend most of their time. Customers’ requirements and interests can easily be obtained by determining the amount of time any individual has spent. Modern trends such as mobility, analytics, cloud, and big data are making work easier in collecting data.

In an effort to help marketers attain a sophisticated customer base, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analyst, along with the CIOReview editorial board has assessed scores of marketing solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices. We have considered the vendor’s ability in designing and building advance solutions that cater to industry specific needs, at the same time adding to functional and productive flair of marketing. We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers 2017.

Company Name

Company Description

565 Media Provides online marketing and user acquisition services for startups and mid-sized companies in the e-commerce space
Aisle Rocket Studios Aisle Rocket Studios offers success models to CMOs and CIOs using principles of modularity and hyper-customization
Ascent360 Provides an advanced customer data platform enabling businesses to turn data into revenue
Biondo Creative A web design and digital marketing company that offers custom end-to-end solutions
BrandWizard Brand management product designed to increase brand equity. Helps marketers nurture brands and ensure brand fidelity in today’s fast-paced, multichannel, digital world
Convergent Mobile Delivers mobile technology tools to enable brand communications, build awareness, create efficiencies, and drive business
DemandEngine Provides marketing automation software, eCRM, and consulting services which enable better decision making processes in higher education
Elateral Automates marketing content production across all formats and channels, such as digital, print, mobile, even video
Elite Business Systems A sales enablement and inbound marketing agency
Hawke Media Provides the ability to outsource any level of marketing and ecommerce efforts
Hubspot Provides marketing, sales, and CRM software, helping company growth while maintaining connections like a real human being
Huge Creates products, services, and brands that people love
iContact Provider of email marketing solutions, marketing automation & consulting for SMBs
Ironpaper Ironpaper links the marketing and sales journey together to continuously re-nurture and connect prospects and clients with the brand
MarcomCentral A cloud-based marketing asset management software for businesses that manages and customizes marketing materials across entire organizations
Marketo Delivers enterprise-ready engagement platform that enables personalized engagement at scale
mShopper Provider of cloud-based mobile commerce and mobile marketing solutions
SiriusDecisions A research and advisory firm that equips executives to elevate sales, marketing and product performance
Vazoola A platform connecting companies and brands with thousand of key online influencers
Wedia Group Accelerating the digital transformation of marketing by integrating the best innovations at the heart of the most reliable, high-performance and user-friendly tool