Tadpull: Integrated Approach to Digital Marketing

Jake Cook, CEO
Tadpull specializes in leveraging technology and design thinking to help ecommerce clients grow traffic to their digital properties and convert visitors into customers, friends, subscribers and loyal fans. The online path to purchase for customers—whether B2C or B2B—is a messy process today. From a Google voice search on mobile, to finding inspiration on Pinterest, and ultimately price comparison and purchase on a laptop, companies need to meet their users in remarkable ways across all of these touchpoints.

The complexity of this online landscape is further compounded by elevated consumer expectations for personalized experiences and offers tailored to their needs. Regardless of whether the company is a behemoth ecommerce reseller with a large budget or an SMB competing to maintain a direct relationship with their customers, users do not differentiate in their expectations. An added challenge for these brands is that this cross-device, cross-platform purchase path generates massive amounts of digital data that can and should be quickly accessed, analyzed and enacted upon against operations data, which is the sweet spot for Tadpull, a Montana-based software and service company.

Tadpull’s ecommerce and ERP software and digital marketing services enable clients to easily leverage technology and data to make smart decisions for the bottom line and build brand experiences that resonate. The company’s digital frameworks and processes are backed by the rich academic background of founders—Jake Cook, CEO and Eulalie Cook, PhD, Director of Research and Data. Jake has worked at the intersection of technology, design, and marketing since 2004 and taught digital marketing and analytics as well as design thinking at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive education levels since 2007 at Montana State University. Eulalie has a background in statistics and consumer behavior, and leads the company’s efforts for data science and algorithm development.

Tadpull’s proprietary software platform enables clients to build their own customer data views around user behavior and campaign performance.
Eulalie Cook, Director of Data
Be it search engine optimization (SEO), social media engagement, proactive e-mail campaigns or paid advertising strategies, Tadpull’s software imparts a holistic view of their client’s marketing and customer experience efforts. But there’s another missing part often overlooked to ecommerce success: operations data.

“Digital marketers don’t have to go to QuickBooks, Google Analytics, or even their ERP system for that matter, as they can get all those insights in one place, and automatically feed that back to drive the next campaign focusing on profitability,” adds Jake. Tadpull has also leveraged machine learning to build tools for predictive analytics across customers and inventory, which comes as a great opportunity for midmarket companies or brands to exploit such technology typically only available to the enterprise.
A prominent outdoor ecommerce retailer was able to sift through terabytes of data and identify which campaigns effectively translated to conversion. Furthermore, the company could begin optimizing customer acquisition by leveraging real-time inventory data to drive paid online ad campaigns. The company even received relevant academic-like training from Tadpull on niche areas of digital marketing, analytics and customer segmentation. Year to date, the company is up 60 percent in ecommerce sales.

Another differentiating factor of Tadpull is their approach to delivering solutions for their clients. From auditing the client’s existing technology stack to interviewing their customers and services teams, Tadpull goes the extra mile to then teach teams on how to orchestrate online campaigns effectively with a human centered approach. “We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers working closely with designers, analysts, and customer service teams to empower our clients to grow faster by focusing on delighting customers,” concludes Eulalie.


Bozeman, MT

Jake Cook, CEO and Eulalie Cook, Director of Data

Tadpull ties together services and software so as to impart a holistic view of their client’s marketing and customer experience efforts