Hawke Media: The Power of “Outsourced CMO”

Erik Huberman, CEO
The concept of “outsourced CMO” was born with an aim to manage marketing for a company in real-time without the overhead, contracts, and run around. Erik Huberman, a serial entrepreneur, brand manager, and marketing consultant for eight years, realized the potential of how organizations can save big money by relying on outsourced CMOs and founded Hawke Media. “Hiring a full marketing team in-house to meet all the needs is not cost-effective. At Hawke, we offer tailored solutions, based on the a-la-carte model, with a month-to-month approach, according to organizational needs with highly efficient support,” says Huberman. “We are ecommerce experts and provide extensive services like email marketing, Facebook advertising, SEM, paid acquisition, design, influencer marketing, media buying, and affiliate marketing.”

According to Huberman, almost 98 percent of the marketing agencies lack visibility and understanding about their different business processes. “Agencies fail to see the ‘forest for the trees’ problem due to which they are unable to keep a track of their marketing performance and identify the errors that they make.” As “pixel perfect people”, Hawke’s software platform solves this issue by pulling in 1000s of companies’ marketing data in real-time, providing insight into their existing business opportunities and increasing brand awareness and customer retention. “Our software allows us to utilize all the data required to the strategic advantage of our clients, as they are working with tons of different brands.” Also, with the proliferation of new products and platforms, companies should be able to identify and integrate/implement the ‘right solution’ to meet their needs and ignore those which aren’t useful. This is where Hawke’s strategists help businesses realize their potential.

For instance, Sondors, the premium electric bikes provider, came to Hawke with a desperate need of rebranding, building a new website and a cost-effective marketing strategy to sell bikes. Sondors was challenged to sell fall inventory on a limited ad spend budget. They utilized Hawke’s a-la-carte business model to hire at-need services to implement a successful strategy that was not only cost-effective for the client but produced huge ROI.

At Hawke, we offer tailored solutions, based on a-la-carte model, with a month-to-month approach, according to organizational needs with highly efficient support

Sondors engaged with the Hawke’s creative team to design a new logo and build an aesthetically clean and fully functional website. This service was paired with Hawke’s strategy team which planned a multi-faceted digital marketing approach that utilized both Google AdWords and Facebook Channels. They also utilized Hawke’s media buying experts to analyze the entire digital ecosystem and leverage both Google AdWords branded / non-branded campaigns, shopping campaigns, and Google display network retargeting coupled with retargeting on Facebook to generate strong week-over-week return on ad spend, cost per acquisition well below average order value.

“As an ‘outsourced CMO’, we put high-level strategists in every account to ensure that ‘we not only do what our clients ask us to do, but we also do what we think is best for them because we are experts in what we do and that is our biggest differentiator,” notes Huberman. Hawke not only dedicates its efforts to untangle marketing puzzles and unlock business opportunities for the clients but also aligns its expertise and services with their business goals. “So, it is not just serving clients’ needs.”

With an aim to bring together the best and brightest in the ecommerce industry and shape its future, the company will conduct e-commerce summit ‘Hawkefest’ in October 2017. “At the end of the day, we believe in continuous transformation and growth through the power of outsourcing any level of your marketing,” concludes Huberman.

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Erik Huberman, CEO

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