WSI: Blueprinting Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

With an ever-changing digital environment, a common problem troubling most organizations is the inability to determine the exact marketing attribution, driving a company's ROI. To help solve this problem, WSI—a digital marketing solutions provider, tackles these complexities by generating a ‘digital blueprint’, tailor-made for each company. WSI’s digital blueprint is essentially a strategic overview which adopts a top-down approach and determines which digital solutions are best suited for a company. “Our digital solutions are centered on four core areas—site, search, social, and mobile and for every client we start from scratch to come up with the optimal digital marketing plan,” states Dan Monaghan, Co-Founder of WSI.

We are moving into the world of Minority Report, where advertising is delivered to the consumer in a personalized manner

A recurring marketing challenge faced by most companies today is that they often stray from their key performance metrics, and their results do not meet expectations. Poor branding is the usual excuse, when the actual problem is attribution. Monaghan states, “WSI’s fundamental approach in the digital marketing cycle mainly revolves around building a well-designed website which acts as the nucleus of a company’s digital marketing activities. We then look at how we drive traffic through various digital marketing tactics such as PPC, SEO, display advertising, remarketing, email marketing, social media and mobile advertising. From there, we look at how we can best optimize the visitor’s user experience to ensure this incoming traffic ultimately converts into new business for our clients.” The WSI Lifecycle is a process methodology WSI uses to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns to their customers, regardless of size or industry vertical. A highly specific blueprinting process defines the executable strategy, followed by the process of building and testing it, and ultimately feeding the gained knowledge back into the cycle. Over a sustained period, the cycle uncovers more knowledge and the client’s performance increases with each passing month, owing to improved learning and attribution.
Dan Monaghan, Co-Founder
Ongoing research at WSI ensures that the most relevant platforms in technology are being used in building sites with responsive designs. One of the most disruptive changes in digital marketing has been the shift in consumer behavior from using traditional desktops to mobile devices. Monaghan believes that we are “moving into the world of Minority Report”, where advertising is delivered to the consumer in a personalized manner. A growing number of mobile devices integrated with the social media sphere have resulted in an increased level of access to consumer data. WSI leverages this customer knowledge, such as geo-targeting data, to deliver personalized advertising content to the right person at the right time.

Backed by their extensive expertise in many verticals, WSI uses their success from one corner of the globe to understand similar issues elsewhere. A presence in 80 countries has enabled WSI to leverage global insights in resolving local marketing issues. Such a far-reaching global network promotes innovation through crowdsourcing or the power of collaboration. As a result, WSI is able to see advancements in technologies and trends, and changes in the local marketplace faster than most.

WSI’s global expertise also enables the delivery of big agency results for medium-sized companies. The company’s production network is able to deliver on any digital marketing need including technology, advertising, security, design and eCommerce to name a few. This translates WSI into a one stop shop solution that negates the need for a business to engage with multiple operating vendors.

The team throughout WSI’s network is always looking at strengthening their partnerships with other industry leaders and platform providers. Improving collaboration among its expansive network of consultants also ranks high on WSI’s future roadmap.


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Dan Monaghan, Co-Founder

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