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Digital marketing is undergoing radical changes to improve the communication between marketers and customers. With the messaging strategy being the foundation of B2B technology marketing, there is a significant shift in the pattern of messaging. Another aspect of the result of the change is the increasing usage of big data analytics and social networks by modern day organizations to get better marketing insights about consumers, be it B2B or B2C.

Additionally, the advent of cloud-based technologies has provided CMOs with best-of-breed tools without much increase in infrastructure investments. Nevertheless, amidst all of this growth, many firms are still in need of automated marketing solutions for solving problems pertaining to sales, marketing, and service automation. “At Tagrem Corp, we address challenges prevailing in the digital marketing landscape with leading-edge cloud-enabled technology and marketing communications,” says Stuart Green, President, Tagrem Corporation.

The company’s flagship product—Customer Relationship Automation (CRA) is a digital marketing solution created to optimize an organization’s brand experience across any screen. The more the business areas get connected to CRA, the deeper the insights organizations get about their customers. This enables companies to deliver tailor made marketing solutions to each and every customer. “CRA allows companies to tally both online and offline marketing strategies and help them understand customer needs,” explains Green. By using CRA, organizations can track every action of their customer either through email, phone call or via social media. The company then uses the gathered data to execute digital marketing campaigns and delivers the right message at the right time to the right people.

At Tagrem Corp, we address challenges prevailing in the digital marketing landscape with leading-edge cloud-enabled technology and marketing communications

Stuart Green, President
Tagrem’s easy-to-deploy SAAS based solution, INDITION, an enterprise eCommerce, CRM, reporting and marketing platform that provides businesses one view into their customer profiles and is built to be ‘device neutral’. The software’s modular architecture allows organizations to extend the system and add functionality as needed. “INDITION inherits capabilities from existing code, which enables the platform to deliver a scalable and secure software solution system to enhance the business operations,” points out Green.

Tagrem’s in-house creative and technical staffs work with their customers to deliver innovative products and platforms for the modern marketer. The firm’s capability in providing tailored marketing automation solutions to individual sales teams sets them apart from the rest of the league. “We provide support to customers from the conception of the idea through to the implementation phase and finally until the organization reaches target objectives,” delineates Green.

One of Tagrem’s clients, a large non-profit organization that provides marketing campaigns and digital marketing solutions manually was facing operational challenges due to manual processing. After deploying INDITION CRA, the company was able to operate seamlessly and cater better to its customers. In addition, INDITION CRA allowed the company to understand the need of other non-profit partners they work with. The automated CRA solution further helped the company to share their work with 3000 partner companies with just a click.

Moving forward, the company plans to upgrade their existing capabilities. Tagrem further aims to improve the digital marketing arena by delivering innovative solutions at lower costs. “In the near future, we expect to expand our business size in two-folds by maintaining a partnership with Oracle and by adding new and improved capabilities to our INDITION platform,” concludes Green.

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Stuart Green, President

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