RedPoint Global: Multidimensional Insights for Effective Customer Engagements

Dale Renner, CEO
Dale Renner, CEO of RedPoint Global, focuses on delighting customers through flawless execution every single time. The same thread of thoughts weaves through the name ‘RedPoint’—a rock climbing term that describes an ascent accomplished without errors, by virtue of experience. “As marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and data management veterans, we leverage our in-depth experience to help our customers utilize the power of their data. This enables them to gain more valuable insights about their customers and thereby sustain profitable revenue growth,” says Renner.

Today’s marketing landscape is characterized by channel proliferation and unprecedented data explosion. Marketers have to integrate disparate channels, harness massive amounts of data, and extract actionable insights to be at the forefront of delivering relevant content, offers, and experiences for customers interacting in an omni-channel world.

Architected for fast deployment and a low total cost of ownership, the RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform combines the power of big data, embedded analytics, and crosschannel interactions to help marketers and companies achieve a new level of data-enabled sophistication in their customer experience initiatives. RedPoint offers an on-premise or hosted solution, giving organizations flexible options to suit their infrastructure.

Built on a unique framework called the Modern Marketing Architecture, RedPoint’s platform, being data model agnostic, connects to any type of data—structured or unstructured—from both internal and external sources. This facilitates organizations to create dynamic customer profiles without requiring massive amounts of data processing. Based on a complete and multidimensional profile, created by linking together the customer data aggregated from all the sources, organizations can reach out to customers with highly personalized offers. The incorporation of inflight analytics further refines and optimizes the customer experience with each interaction. Instead of carrying out campaigns based on segmentation, marketers can interact with an audience of one.

The RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform provides a single integrated operating console to simplify the marketing environment. Once messages and offers are defined, they can be programmed into the system and served up on demand in response to customer preferences and interactions—across all channels in an integrated manner.
Experiences can be highly personalized because the system is continuously self-optimizing and in search of the next best offers. “One of our key advantages is our hub architecture. It leverages the technologies that companies already have in place and connects them together,” says Renner. It is also capable of adapting to future deployments wherein organizations can switch email service providers and add new channels or data sources to grow and adapt as digital technologies evolve.

The firm’s clientele, representing a range of industries such as travel and hospitality, retail, financial services, and healthcare, reap benefits that include significant reductions in mailing costs and efficiency gains. This helps in delivering new campaigns across additional channels with fewer dedicated resources and extended audience addressability. In addition, RedPoint’s knowledge center helps marketers understand the intricacies of tackling the challenges associated with using data to drive relevant customer interactions for patient compliance, lifecycle marketing, brand loyalty and retention, or other business needs.

Our hub architecture leverages the technologies that companies already have in place and connects them all together, thereby future-proofing our deployments

RedPoint is enhancing its capability in machine learning– the technology that powers the in-flight analytics layer within their platform. This capability empowers marketers to precisely tailor the user experience to each audience member’s unique profile. RedPoint continues to build out its connectors to other marketing technologies such as Email Service Providers (ESPs), social media channels, content management systems and mobile messaging services. “Buoyed by the success of our clients who are using the Modern Marketing Architecture, we continue to introduce the platform to more organizations who wish to harness their customer data for success in the digital age,” says Renner.

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Dale Renner, CEO and Carol Wolicki, VP of Marketing

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