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Kaijsa Kurstin, Marketing Director
The digital marketing landscape is rapidly evolving with constant updates in Google’s advertising algorithms and new social media trends. These changes create challenges for small and medium businesses and they require more guidance than ever to stay ahead of the competition. “Propel Marketing helps businesses grow by essentially becoming their in-house marketing team,” says Kaijsa Kurstin, Marketing Director of Propel Marketing. “We work to understand the goals and objectives of our customers and then we develop a digital campaign that fits the needs of their business.”

The team at Propel Marketing is comprised of innovators, foodies, techies, runners, and above all–really talented digital enthusiasts who work together to make marketing easy for their customers. They’ve put a lot of effort into bringing together a group of intelligent individuals, helping to drive Propel to deliver the best results to customers.

To keep customers competitive, Propel offers cutting-edge solutions such as Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Optimization, and Retargeting. Facebook Advertising, one of the fastest growing digital solutions, is the most recent addition to Propel’s offerings. Through targeted Facebook ads, Propel helps businesses reach their desired audience to build brand recognition and increase sales. Customers can view the results of their Facebook ads and other digital campaigns through their Results by Propel Marketing (RPM) dashboard. RPM gives customers 24/7 access to campaign results all in one place. The intent of RPM is to save customers time and effort with easy-to-understand reports, allowing them to make faster and better-informed decisions on their marketing spend.

Recently, Google issued an algorithm update that ranks websites according to their mobile-support capabilities. With more than half of all searches being performed on mobile devices, it’s imperative to have a mobile- friendly website. Recognizing the magnitude of Google’s update, Propel Marketing ensures their customers can still be found in search results by delivering responsive website designs that help improve search engine rankings and local visibility.
“By having a single platform accessible to users, across all their devices, we give businesses the power to connect with more customers,” comments Kurstin.

Propel has successfully served over 12,000 customers since being founded in 2012. Gambino Realtors, Inc., one of the oldest and largest real estate firms in Illinois, wanted to increase their presence online and gain new customers. The company didn’t know where to start, and didn’t have the time to navigate all the new digital offerings on the market. A local Propel advisor recommended a Search Engine Marketing campaign paired with a Search Engine Optimization campaign to get Gambino Realtors in front of customers actively searching for properties in their local market area. With Propel’s help, Gambino Realtors’ traffic from search engines alone jumped 60 percent over a six month period. Their website moved from a ranking of 80-100 to the top 11 in the first month alone, pushing the company onto the coveted first page on major search engines. The company now dominates 34 percent of the online real estate market, more than all three of their nearest competitors.

Propel Marketing helps businesses grow by essentially becoming their in-house marketing team

With customers across the country and cutting-edge solutions, Propel has championed the digital marketing space. The company develops continuously through its strategic partnerships—enabling and supporting their ability to provide successful online marketing solutions to customers and marketplaces. “Delivering best-in-class customer service, Propel will continue to grow as a leading online marketing company by offering unsurpassed marketing solutions,” says Peter Newton, CEO and President of Propel Marketing.

Propel Marketing

Quincy, MA

Kaijsa Kurstin, Marketing Director and Peter Newton, CEO & President

Propel Marketing’s digital marketing advisors help businesses cut through the clutter and execute successful custom-built digital campaigns. We do the work, so our customers get results. No headache, no hassle.