Mtivity: Marketing Supply Chain Management enabling Radical Transparency

Patrick Kremer, CEO
Though being a web of interrelated products, digital marketing landscape demands a high degree of automation to be effective at scale. Often, CIOs require solutions that conform to their corporate standards of security, reliability, and privacy and are capable of working with their backend systems. Apart from looking for analytics and reporting capabilities within any applications, organizations also find it challenging to manage plethora of applications entering their business. Mtivity, a premium Marketing Resource Management (MRM) organization, helps CIOs to maintain strict privacy and security standards through its robust enterprise application. The company provides a set of visual analytics and reporting tools that can be analyzed and measured.

“Our application has been integrated with Ariba, SAP, and other financial systems and deployed in companies with global requirements such as knowledge of international dates and times, and the ability to work with multiple currencies and languages,” says Patrick Kremer, CEO, Mtivity. The company has incorporated modern application trends including collaboration, supplier ratings, peer recommendations, and Big Data into their application. Their new sourcing engine, Opportune, provides an Amazon type front end for buying.

Further, Opportune enriches decision making by scanning through large data sets to provide users with both quantitative and qualitative data as well as volume thresholds for discounts, allowing companies to achieve greater economies. “Many of our clients use Mtivity’s application to practice total or ‘radical’ transparency—all collaborators on a creative or sourcing job can share and review the audit trail,” says Kremer. With Opportune Sourcing, the automated benchmarking tool, CIOs and procurement executives can get a view of all purchases within their procurement divisions.

Mtivity’s application enables digital marketing workers to collaborate on everything from the creation of material to sourcing and campaign execution. Their marketing supply chain functionality manages operations through their innovative tools for each stage.
The planning stage encompasses collaborative budget building, historical project analysis, and fully customizable project templates to quickly and accurately plan projects. Mtivity’s planning tools, Arc and Focus, facilitates the planning process by consolidating campaign media and tracking planned and actual activities, approvals, and obligations. “In the Sourcing stage, we guide the buyer down to the most cost-efficient sourcing path automatically, removing the need for complex business rules manually. Every piece of sourcing is then tracked against configurable and automatic learning benchmarks” says Kremer. After the execution stage, Mtivity’s visual analytics platform allows the analysis of the success of the supply chain activity, measuring workflow, financial, client, and internal benchmarks.

“We believe everyone can operate off the same information—whether buying or selling—and we are part of a new wave of applications which integrate with monolithic backend systems.” For instance, Vital Communications, a division of Office Depot, uses Mtivity as their platform to manage and execute the sourcing of marketing materials on behalf of their clients. It also helped Vital in establishing a reputation as the leading marketing communications agency in the UK.

Everyone can operate off the same information, whether buying or selling, and we are part of new wave of applications which integrate with monolithic backend systems

Mtivity is now actively looking at traditionally labor intensive activity within the marketing and sourcing markets and working hard to remove inefficiencies via learning systems like Opportune. “The key for us going forward is to bring intuitive easy to use systems into play that deal with complex processes behind the scenes without the need to spend days training users on how operate them,” concludes Kremer.


Palo Alto, CA

Patrick Kremer, CEO and James Mason, Founder & VP Operations

Provides a SaaS platform which specializes in Sourcing, Procurement and Marketing Operations Management