Genwi: Enabling Mobile Content Management for Faster Sales Cycles

Rahul Patel, Founder & CEO
Creating content is one thing, but enabling the sales team to engage a prospect with the most relevant content for faster sales cycles is a completely new ball game. However, as content is often stored across multiple systems, sites, formats, time is wasted in searching, gathering, and recreating content to engage prospects. With proliferation of mobility, enterprises have to enable content for mobile accessibility. Emailing a plain PDF to prospects has become ineffective and users expect a fully optimized digital experience. Genwi, from San Jose, CA, makes it easy for the sales team to find and package the right content across the enterprise with an interactive, tailored experience for the prospects across devices—mobile, tablet, and PC. “Genwi was founded with the belief that content, wherever it is stored, should be easily accessible and optimized for mobile users,” remarks Rahul Patel, Founder and CEO, Genwi.

Genwi’s Mobile Content Engagement Platform is a unified content management solution that aggregates the available content across enterprise silos. The platform easily pulls content from popular data sources such as SharePoint, Dropbox, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, blogs, web CMSs, and others. Rather than having to login separately to individual content sources, the platform provides sales team a single point of access through desktop or mobile, with or without internet access. Later, the content gets organized with a robust tagging feature that prioritizes content delivery across categories, such as product, pipeline stage, organization role, or specific industries. The system works with XML standards to scan content, and suggested meta-data helps each piece become more discoverable. The platform supports popular formats, including binary, native and more. It also integrates seamlessly with popular marketing automation CRM tools such as Salesforce, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft and others for fully integrated digital marketing experience. Finally, the platform’s content marketing analytics system offers KPIs that provide details of the content viewed by each customer, tracking the time and completion of content items.
The platform transforms content into highly engaging purpose built apps that can be deployed across all devices, and revised when needed. “The marketers need not be the programmers to build these engaging apps, and no money needs to be spent on the infrastructure, hosting servers, optimizing bandwidth, and other IT elements that are generally associated with app development,” states Patel. The solution then enables sales reps to package and share relevant content with prospects. All activities are tracked providing actionable insights that help to guide the sales process and future content investments.Feedback and notification capabilities encourage meaningful engagements between sales and prospects. “The platform helps to build fully branded, interactive, web based, and native apps, that engage, educate, and inform, thereby improving sales impact and driving higher engagement,” says Patel.

Genwi was founded with the belief that content, wherever it is stored, should be easily accessible and optimized for mobile users

Genwi, strives to always innovate and stay ahead of the mobile curve. “We serve 1000’s of sales reps across multiple enterprises enabling them to engage with 100’s of thousands of buyers,” extols Patel. The company’s customers include IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Deloitte, Tesla Model X, American Express, Forbes, and others. “As a team, we are committed to leading the marketing revolution by delivering the highest quality experience—for both our customers and their end users—with integrity, urgency, and ownership,” concludes Patel.


San Jose, CA

Rahul Patel, Founder & CEO

The Genwi Mobile Content Engagement Platform facilitates sales, marketing and partners in content discovery and app development for better buyer cycle engagements