AscentCRM: 360 Degree View of Interaction with Customers

Ben Lockett, VP of Sales
Digital marketing is an unprompted, unpredictable, and volatile industry. The latest challenge is providing a complete view of customer data, no matter the source, and then segment based on need and learnings. AscentCRM, a Marketing Services Provider, offers a SaaS platform that provides an overall analysis of interactions with customers, including eCommerce, Brick and Mortar purchases and email communications. Located in Boulder, CO, “Our company chiefly offers web-based software that enables highly targeted, multi-channel communications direct to prospects and customers,” says Ben Lockett, VP of Sales, AscentCRM. “Too often our clients tell us that they’re spending tons of cash on creating silos of customer data, but getting no value out of it.”

AscentCRM addresses the market challenges in three specific phases ‘Integrate, Analyze and Execute.’ In Phase One, a proprietary Customer Data Integration (CDI) and Extract Transform Load (ETL) engine integrates any form of customer data silo. In the Second Phase, AscentCRM’s portal delivers insights in to customer’s geographical location, lifetime value, and average order value, and calculates a Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) score to allow for identification of high value and low value customers. “We also create customer profiles so that our clients can target customers online,” adds Lockett. In the Last Phase, AscentCRM’s experts help clients to build and execute marketing campaigns for customers and prospects through digital and direct marketing channels such as email, social, text and email.

AscentCRM’s software, 360 Connect, provides organizations with a 360 degree view of interactions with customers, including online/offline communications. “360 Connect is exclusively designed for marketing teams who connect with their customers on a regular basis,” elaborates Lockett. In addition, AscentCRM integrates transactional and contact sources such as point of sale, eCommerce and social media sweep stakes.
“We also append each record with demographic attributes like gender, marital status, presence of children and educational level,” adds Lockett. 360 Connect is web-based software which provides secure and scalable solutions that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Along with 360 Connect, AscentCRM offers services that test and measure online and offline campaign performance.

With a dedicated, account team approach we help clients get the maximum use out of our solutions

For instance, the Thule analytics project uncovered metrics that reveal consumer insights such as behavior, preferences, and purchase patterns. With AscentCRM’s 360 Connect, Thule was able to provide actionable marketing strategies based around communicating with existing customers. Another client Ragnar, a Relay race organizer, had trouble in targeting their interested participants. Using AscentCRM’s software, the client utilized customer behavior factors such as geography and race history to segment their database. AscentCRM’s targeting strategy enabled Ragnar to send highly personalized and relevant content, increasing overall engagement rates and ROI.

“With a dedicated, account team approach we help clients get the maximum use out of our solutions,” says Lockett. “We’re not a company that just throws our technology over the wall and hope it works.”

The company is expanding its horizons to the mid-market who can equally take advantage of the solutions offered. “10 years ago, it was the Disney and Bank of Americas of the world that needed to get value from integrated customer data. Now this need has trickled down to the mid-market.”


Boulder, CO

Ben Lockett, VP of Sales

AscentCRM helps companies realize greater value from integrated customer data leading to increased revenue