ReachForce: Data Unification for Marketing Insight

Justin England, CMO & EVP Business Development
When it comes to B2B Marketing, Justin England is a man who firmly believesin the principle—‘data is the fuel of all programs, and junk in = junk out’. Spending much of his career as an early executive in the Marketing Automation industry, he has seen over and over again the damage that siloed, poor-quality data can have on marketing programs, and in-turn the overall business. England’s desire to advance the results of marketing throughout the entire buyer lifecycle and transform underserved marketers into heroes brought him to ReachForce—a cloud-based data unification and marketing insights platform that delivers clean, rich, predictive data to maximize revenue and customer lifetime value.

“Data needs to provide a unified view across customers, campaigns and moments in the buyer lifecycle. The limits of the data—whether lack of quality, completeness or integrated view—often represent the single biggest obstacle to marketing program effectiveness,” says England, CMO and EVP Business Development, ReachForce. Addressing this is ReachForce’s Marketing Insights Platform, which coupled with the company’s industry leading SmartFormsTM solution fulfills data quality, data enrichment, data unification and data analytics requirements to deliver clean, rich, predictive data that marketers can use to maximize revenue and customer lifetime value. The ReachForce Marketing Insights Platform unifies the disparate people, company and transaction data within the four walls of an organization and ensures that data is trustworthy and it’s enhanced continuously. The resulting 360 degree customer view provides a clear understanding of the context of marketing efforts and their resulting impact on the buyer lifecycle. This in turn fuels smart segmentation for better lead scoring, routing, targeting, messaging and optimization, as well as other strategic predictive marketing initiatives.

ReachForce can also solve longstanding, complex marketing issues such as marketing attribution. “In B2B, it is the company that is buying the product or service, not an individual consumerand, it is an entire team involved in the purchasing decision. Furthermore, it’s not just one campaign or program that should get attribution credit, it’s the mix of programs that were touched by the entire purchasing team. Because of our ability to bring together all of the people, company and transaction data, we connect marketing actions to customer context so marketers can see which programs are working and which aren’t.
By focusing not just on leads but rather the entire buyer lifecycle, our customers can see how much marketing is contributing to sales pipeline and customer lifetime value,” notes England.

By giving our B2B Marketing customers the keys to the data kingdom, ReachForce empowers them to have a dramatic impact on revenue and customer life time value, and command a more strategic role in their organizations

The unique ability to combine data quality management, data unification and data analytics into one platform thereby providing business value ranging from better marketing attribution to cleaner fuel for predictive marketing truly sets the business apart. Even looking at just one small component of the platform, there is success to be found. Take Marketo, the highly successful social marketing automation and sales effectiveness software provider. Though Marketo made dramatic improvements to its web registration process through shortened forms and experienced an equally dramatic increase in conversion (34 percent), it couldn’t reconcile the major dip in the quantity and quality of data captured at registration. This hindered key processes such as the scoring, routing and segmentation of incoming leads prior to the hand-off to sales. marketo looked to ReachForce for a solution to help bridge that gap. The immediate result? A 23 percent increase in sales productivity and a 10 percent increase in ROI across all online programs.

“By giving our B2B Marketing customers the keys to the data kingdom, ReachForce empowers them to have a dramatic impact on revenue and customer lifetime value, and command a more strategic role in their organizations,” England concludes.


Austin, TX

Justin England, CMO & EVP Business Development

A cloud-based Data Unification and Marketing Insights Platform designed to deliver to marketers the clean, rich, predictive data they need to maximize revenue and customer life time value.