Qliktag Software, Inc. A Retailer's Best Defense Against Showrooming

Dilip Daswani, CEO
Having grown up working in his family’s retail business in Hong Kong, Dilip Daswani, CEO, Qliktag Software,was quick to sense the changes happening in the retail space. The ongoing proliferation of internet retailers has put brick and mortar retailers on the back foot. As online shopping increases, competing solely on price is no longer sufficient for traditional retailers. Instead, they must offer a differentiated experience for the in-store shopper. With a strong beliefthat mobile phones can be leveraged to provide an engaging consumer experience in retail, Daswani founded Qliktag toequip brick and mortar retailers with a simplistic way to retain consumers’ attention and combat online retailers.

For a brand, differentiating themselves from other brands is crucial. Qliktag enables them to give their products a voice

“For a brand, differentiation is crucial, and Qliktag enables retailers and brands to give their products a voice,” says Daswani. Qliktag’s web-based Q*Engine platform extends the concept of merchandising to the mobile phone. A SaaS offering, Engine gives a brand the ability to communicate with the consumer via mobile phone at the point of interest, providing Product-specific information and incentives rather than general promotional information. For example, say a consumer is Shopping for a pair of running shoes; he knows the brand fairly well but wants to know more about a specific running shoe Model as well as any discounts, promotions, etc. He may also want to read reviews, share with his friends and more. With qliktag,consumers can drill down into the specifics of a product and make an informed purchase. Designed to handle thousands of SKUs, Q*Engine gives businesses a way to incorporate a shopper’s desire to goonline using their smartphone.
“It is poised to be a retailer’s best defense against showrooming and capture the sale in store,” says Daswani.

Q*Engine enables brands to set up products very quickly – the platform supports importing via spreadsheets. Once products are uploaded, brands can create a unique mobile experience for every individual product, product category or campaign using a template design that gets applied to each product. This allows them to quickly develop a unique experience for every product, including product descriptions, videos, social sharing, coupons, forms for product registration or feedback, and more. Additionally, tags for each product are automatically created, enabling activation of mobile experience via QR, NFC, UPC or iBeacon.

As mobile engagement continues to revolutionize retail, Qliktag’s value propositions of increasing sell-through rates, making Products stand out, combating showrooming, improving customer retention, and gathering insights, are helping businesses and Brands in more ways than one. The company’s solution can be utilized by any consumer brand or retailer across multiple industries. Numerous brands use the platform to conduct social campaigns, build brand affinity, and support sales associates by making key information readily available at their fingertips. For example, in the used car industry, it is important for dealers to keep consumers engaged while they are shopping by providing relevant information such as price competitiveness and car history. Qliktag has enabled dealers to provide this information without their salespeople going back and forth to their desks. “The time it takes to get information to the consumer can make the difference between closing the sale and losing it,” states Daswani.

Qliktag Software is keen on continuing to build out the cloud-based platform to provide retailers and brands the best mobile merchandising platform out there. Shortly, they will release their Q*App iPhone and Android applications, which will give retailers a white labeled application that provides a complete consumer engagement solution.

Qliktag Software, Inc

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Dilip Daswani, CEO

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