Clarizen: Supporting Collaboration that Drives Results

Avinoam Nowogrodski, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
After tasting success with his first venture—collaborative product life cycle management provider SmarTeam Corporation, Avinoam Nowogrodski decided to redefine collaboration in a way that will change how companies work. He realized that by bringing all the ingredients together into a fully integrated work graph and connecting unstructured conversations with structured tasks and workflows, he can change the future of work. This eventually led to Clarizen—an enterprise-class work collaboration and project management solution that serves marketing teams and other organizations all around the world.

Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Clarizen harnesses the power of cloud to get the work done—efficiently and effectively. With fast-to deploy and easy-to-use solutions, the company is redefining enterprise collaboration by connecting social context with tasks and projects to drive productivity and profitability. Clarizen’s project management solutions merge with social communications to provide real-time updates, insights and collaboration around the work of all team members, vendors and customers involved in a project.

Nowogrodski feels that until now, the connection between unstructured communication and structured processes has been missing. Solving this issue is Clarizen V6, Clarizen’s reimagined product that is designed from the ground up to support the requirements of modern workplace. Clarizen V6 guarantees that all activities are aligned to achieving goals, ensuring full participation of the employees by giving them a voice in the process.

Traditional project management software hasn’t kept pace with companies that are staffed with people who are scattered throughout the world yet demand context around their work. Addressing this is Clarizen’s new collaborative technology. This suite not only manages work in today’s borderless business environment, but also unifies social collaboration and work for knowledge workers—to achieve enterprise efficiency and visibility into marketing initiatives, customer implementations, information technology (IT) projects, and product definition and development.
“We have built the business solution that is both getting companies into the future of work and into the era of meaningful conversation— this differentiates us from the rest,” says Nowogrodski.

Clarizen’s vision is to become the standard for companies to manage work collaboration inside and outside the organization

Clarizen’s solutions serve a wide range of industries including digital marketing, finance, IT, manufacturing and healthcare, among others. One of the biggest beneficiaries of Clarizen’s solutions is Marketo, a revenue performance management provider. Jim Hickey, Senior Manager of Client Delivery and Operations at Marketo, was looking for a project management system that would allow their services delivery team to better track and manage simultaneous customer implementations across dozens of project managers. He essentially wanted to provide his team a platform that was more collaborative and had better synchronization with Salesforce CRM. After evaluating a number of project management tools, Hickey singled out Clarizen for a number of reasons including powerful customization features, rich and flexible integration with Salesforce CRM, an easy-to-learn and use interface, and a convenient training structure. Clarizen’s support structure meant that Marketo would be up and running quickly—taking advantage of video tutorials, daily Q&A webinars, and a dedicated customer success manager, ensuring minimal productivity loss during the implementation process. Furthermore, Clarizen’s friendly user interface and ease of use meant a higher adoption rate, ensuring greater collaboration and better visibility.

Going forward, Nowogrodski feels that the era of user empowerment and cloud adoption in enterprises are favorable for the growth of the company. “Clarizen’s biggest vision is to become the standard for companies to manage work collaboration across the organization in a way that would change the ability of people to take decisions,” he concludes.


San Mateo, CA

Avinoam Nowogrodski, Founder & Chief Executive Officer and Lori Bush Shepard, VP Corporate Marketing

An enterprise-class work collaboration and project management solutions provider.