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Jebbit's New Interactive Content Product Strengthens Customer's Interactions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Tom Coburn, Co-founder of Jebbit

Tom Coburn, Co-founder of Jebbit

BOSTON, MA: A new mobile offering of digital marketing platform provider ‘Jebbit’ is recently added to its products suite that can support brands to use interactive contents for engaging consumers on the basis of 1:1. The new Interactive Content product enables consumers to acquire new users, educate audience and fresher, derive conversations and also profile customers.

"Jebbit launched these new products because consumer expectations and digital marketing strategies are always changing. New ideas help our clients, and their customers, get the best possible online return. Our new mobile solution helps marketers engage their audience with smarter content that beats short attention spans," says Tom Coburn, CEO, Jebbit.

Jebbit interactive content platform is used by several marketers, brands and media companies. It develops interactive content experiences by collecting unique data about user’s clients or audience to customize interactions with their brand. The new product suite of Jebbit includes bulk of contents such as personality quiz, native engagement, interactive video, solution finder, product hunt, sweepstakes and trivia. It allows consumers to easily change their tastes, preferences and opinions through simple swipe—left or right. Therefore almost 79percent among its whole consumers who have seen creation of the mobile content with Jebbit’s platform are already engaged with it and 52percent have accessed with their email address.

On the other hand the interactive content suite also includes an immersive landing page, a site overlay, and a native solution. Marketers are allowed to view of performance at real-time and also optimize their campaigns through audience analytics. Historically, Jebbit has collaborated with several leading brands to help them in improving their online performances. Jebbit has been the first choice of marketers especially for brands and publishers for its extended interactive content platform which leads them to experience with better   consumer engagement and conversion. The company offers users a real-­time content workflow and simultaneously helps them to personalize brand's interactions with each individual in its audience.